Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here we are at 36 weeks.

Here we are....36 weeks. We just got word that Boomba has turned around so that her head is down, and the the placenta previa has corrected itself! We should be good for a natural delivery!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Vows

Thank you all so much for being a part of our wedding.  It was everything we'd hoped.
Some people have asked that we post our vows online because with the wind it was hard to hear.
Here they are.

With love and appreciation,
~Mr. + Mrs. Rosencrantz ; D

Jason to Justina
Justina, my love, when I'm with you I want for nothing more that I don't already have--and gain so much besides. 
I like you!
I love you!
I respect you!
You bring so so much Beauty into my life, and you make my life easier and fun. 
I am so comforted by your patience and understanding with me.
You are my friend!
I love you not only for what we share in common,
But also for what makes us different.
It brings me joy to care for you!
My happiness is bound to your happiness
My union with you is the most intimate I have with the universe.
With you, I become more myself, more whole and more alive!
I vow to be the best partner to you that I can be. 
I vow to be the best father to our child that I can be.
and I vow to always love you, in sickness and in health, FOREVER!

Justina to Jason
Nino--Six years ago this week you came to visit me in Italy.  It was clear to me even then that you were going to be a protagonist in my story. You had a way of making me not just see beauty in things--but to also search for meaning. You challenged me in all the right ways. You stumped me regularly.  You made me laugh. We shared a love for art, music, etymology, dance and exquisite corpses. We had chemistry, we both liked vegetables.

After one week you went back to L.A. and I felt anxious--all kinds of things ran through my ‘lady mind’--what’s going to happen next? What *are* we? When will we see each other again? You were on the other side of the world and you had your life and your job and your friends and your family and you were totally cool without me. You didn’t need me.  That was hard.  I talked to you about it, and you confirmed my suspicions. “Yes, you’re right. I don’t need you.” you said to me point blank. “But I really want you.”

It was at that moment that I realized our relationship was very different from past relationships I’d had. It also made me realize that I didn’t need you either, but that I really wanted you too.

Now six years later I am so proud of the relationship that we have built upon these wants.
Our rapport is constructed out of mutual respect and love, as opposed to a needy co-dependence.  Our partnership is strong and stable, confident and quirky--like we are.

Every day you surprise me--I learn something new from you. You make me laugh. You make me look outside myself and examine world issues and make me think about what kind of human I want to be--what kind of family I want to have--what kind of world I want to live in. You have taught me to support my ethics with action.  You are caring and nurturing and also give me space to grow, to think for myself and to be independent. You are motivated by what you think is right-- not by what is easy, or by what is sparkly. You support my creative projects--even the most outlandish. You take me seriously as an artist, as a creative thinker and as a woman.

I vow to be the best lover, partner and friend that I can be. I vow to support your creative and intellectual pursuits--no matter how outlandish. I vow to be the be the best mother I can be to our children and to put family first. I vow to not just tell you--but to show you--that I love you every day.  I vow to never go to bed angry with you--but to talk it out.

Gandhi said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  You have brought so much happiness into my life.  I vow to practice happiness with you every day--no matter how hard things get.

You are my lover. You are my best friend. You are my baby daddy.  You get me.
I love you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Champagne toast on Friday Night!

On Friday night (March 16th), Mary and Jim, Denny and Brenda and Zach Rosencrantz are hosting a 
Champagne Toast to kick off the wedding weekend. Please join us!

When? March 16th, 2012  8PM to 10PM
Where? The Bronson Bar : 5851 Sunset blvd, Hollywood, CA, 90028
See you there!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't forget to FILL OUT those RSVP cards!

So, you know those cute little RSVP cards that you got in the mail? you know, these:
Well, my've got to FILL THEM OUT because if you send them back blank, and with no return address, we're not going to know who you are. We received two blank ones so far-- so please fill out your name and how may are in your party before sending back to us!  Thanks much!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to our little love site

Hola! This is the site for the nuptials of Jason Rosencrantz and Justina Blakeney. Thanks for popping by and we can't wait to get down and boogie with you on our big day. Stop back for info and updates or leave any questions, comments or jokes below in the comment section.